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Millennium Security Guards are trained and qualified

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Millennium can meet the demands of any application. Focusing on setting new standards in security.

Millennium will send out a qualified consultant to the requested location to walk through with a designate and go over the cusotmers's concerns. Millennium will then provide the customer with a portfolio detailing any problem areas regarding security as well as a reasonable way to solve them. Some areas in question may be fencing, lighting, points of entry, and internal or external theft and client policies and procedures regarding security and safety practices.

Millennium's guards are trained and qualified to perform duties as required. All of our staff are Provincially certified, professional and customer service orientated.


About Us

Millennium Security started 15 years ago.

Our focus has always been on protecting property and clients. We have different levels of monitoring to support many types of clients.

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31 January 2017
31 January 2017
31 January 2017


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