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When you're home or out of town, Millennium's Mobile Patrol Unit will keep watch over your business or home. Keeping on eye on things and creating a visual presence with our marked patrol vehicles will deter thieves and vandals. Mobile patrols are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We'll be in control of any situation that may arise, so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.

Using marked security vehicles, Millennium can offer random or fixed patrols. This flexible service can target problem areas or supervise multiple sites. Regular, random visits, during the day and night in clearly marked and radio-equipped vehicles, are a proven deterrent to thieves due to the random timing of these visits.

Millennium's Mobile Patrol Unit is much more than a drive-by service. Mobile Patrol personnel physically check doors, windows, surroundings, and the interior and exterior of the property. As a possible key holder to your property, this provides us with access to your business or home while you're away to physically check the site for mischief, vandalism, breaking and entering, and theft.

In order to keep ourselves accountable for the work we do, we can place a discreet checkpoint device on your property somewhere that our guards can use to record their presence on site. Our electonic tracking devices store the information and we can provide you with a print-out for your records that verifies the date and time Millennium conducted the inspection. In the event of an incident, Millennium Security with contact you or someone you designate to provide an immediate report of our findings. We will also provide an Occurrence Report for any occurrence while on patrol. This Report will be provided to the client the next day.


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Millennium Security started 15 years ago.

Our focus has always been on protecting property and clients. We have different levels of monitoring to support many types of clients.

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31 January 2017
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