Any additional training that is required by our clients will be addressed on an as-needed basis. This includes simple training course (ie WHMIS, Smart Serve), informational courses (ie Crisis Prevention), and more hands-on courses (ie Self Defence, site specific electonic related courses).


As of April 2010, the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services mandated that all currently licensed security guards in the Province of Ontario had to pass a Ministry regulated test before they could renew their Security Guard license.

In addition to this, everyone looking to enter the security field as a new guard from that point on, would have to take and pass a Ministry approved 40 hour in-class course before being allowed to write the Ministry test.

Guards whose security licenses were active at the time this new regulation took effect were not required to take the course.

These changes have ensured that all security guards in Ontario are knowledgeable in the specific areas that pertain to the security industry. It has resulted in more properly trained personnel and more peace of mind for our clients.


There are significant variations in the types of security that a client may request. This can range from a guard sitting in a vehicle guarding a building overnight to a guard providing access control for a large company either at a desk or in a security booth.

Due to these major differences, there is often significant on site training required for each new job that comes along.

The initial site visit is usually the most important part of the on site training program. Meeting with the client and deciding exactly waht they need, as well as being able to see the location first hand will provide extremely valuable information needed going forward.

Working along side the client, we determine their needs, the risks to their property, as well as the risk for our guards that will be ensuring the security of the assets entrusted to us.

All pertinent site information is communicated to any guard stationed at the site by way of standard site orders.

Through frequent communication with the clients and the guards actually performing the work, we are able to ensure the site orders are always current and that any and all concerns are dealt with immediately.

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